Internally Displaced Persons

In March 2000. in collaboration with the United Nations High Commissariat for Refugees (UNHCR) Commissariat organized registration of internally displaced persons from Kosovo and Metohija, when 187.129 people were registered.

In the period between 2000. and 2005. there were more than 20.000 newcomers from Kosovo, so at the end of 2005. The number of internally displaced persons in Serbia without Kosovo and Metohija was 209.021. 

Currently, this number is 201.047 persons. 

In relation to internally displaced persons Commissariat performs following:
  • Registers internally displaced persons from Kosovo and Metohija and issues legitimacy of the displaced;
  • Within the reception and accommodation, Commissariat places and supports IDPs in collective centers in Serbia without Kosovo and Metohija, as well as in collective centers in Kosovo and Metohija;
  • Within its capabilities provides individual humanitarian assistance to internally displaced persons and their associations.
  • If necessary, organize and conduct parliamentary and local elections in Kosovo for internally displaced persons, who are temporarily in the territory of the Republic of Serbia outside Kosovo (2001, 2002, 2004).

Collective centers in Kosovo and Metohija are mostly old collective centers which till 1999. housed refugees and they are now internally displaced persons from Kosovo and Metohija (so-called "internally internally displaced persons", or those persons from Kosovo who had been forced to leave their place of residence and move to other areas in Kosovo).