Bilateral support

Support to the Migration Management System in the Republic of Serbia

Overall Goal:     
Strengthening migration management system in the Republic of Serbia in line with the international standards and the EU acquis, with special focus on cooperation mechanisms and capacities at the local level in order to ensure protection of the rights of migrants 

Donor: Government of Switzerland through the Swiss State Secretariat for Migration

Beneficiary institutions: Commissariat for Refugees and Migration and Ministry of Interior

Project duration: December 2016 - August 2019

Expected results:

Ministry of Interior and Commissariat for Refugees and Migration (MOI and SCRM) effectively and efficiently manage policies in the field of MM and CTHB at national level

Relevant institutions and local communities are empowered to efficiently respond to migration management and CTHB challenges at local level

Improved protection of the rights of migrants and victims of THB, through better access to programmes and services responding to their needs

Improved capacities of MOI and SCRM for participation in regional and international platforms

Support to the Information Management, Communication and Planning Capacity in Addressing the Migration Management Challenges in Serbia

Project objectives: 

The overall objective of the initiative is to facilitate a more coordinated response to the protection-sensitive migration management challenges in Serbia, and ensure that foreseen assistance and protection measures for migrants and refugees are standardized, regularly monitored and consistently improved.

Specific objectives:

Strengthen monitoring mechanisms, information management and planning capacity of the SCRM;
Upgrade the coordination and management mechanisms of reception facilities in accordance with EASO reception guidelines, including the capacity building of SCRM reception facility staff;
Enhance the capacities of SCRM field teams in working with migrants and refugees in a more protection, gender and needs-sensitive manner, with the specific focus on vulnerable groups;
Enhance information provision to migrants and refugees and improve communication on the impact of the assistance provided to migrants and refugees by the European Union (EU) and the Government of Serbia.

Planned activities in Serbia:

Setting-up of a Data Management Unit within the SCRM office in Belgrade;
Provision of IT equipment, software, evaluation and monitoring tools for the asylum and reception centres, as well as for the main office;
Organization of capacity building trainings for the field staff in data collection, assessment of needs, estimation of costs and reporting;
Development and implementation of the communication measures aiming to improve information sharing among the SCRM, its field teams and partners;
Organization of public events and opportunities for media in the reception centers.