Voluntary Return To the Country of Origin

According to the Law on Asylum and Temporary Protection, Commissariat for Refugees and Migration undertakes appropriate measures for voluntary return to the country of origin, with due regard to human dignity.
The Commissariat implements programs for voluntary return of a foreigner whose application was refused or rejected by a decision of the competent authority, or if the asylum procedure has been discontinued; It also does so if a foreigner has been granted temporary protection or if a foreigner’s asylum status has ceased by annulment of a decision upholding asylum application and in other cases stipulated by the Law.
If the termination of the temporary protection has been issued and there are no other grounds to stay in the country, the foreigner must leave the Republic of Serbia within the time limit specified in that decision.
Commissariat takes into account all relevant reports on the situation in the person’s country of origin, informs him/her accordingly, and enables him/her to arrive at a decision to return in full knowledge of the facts.
Until the date of return to the country of origin, the person in question has the right to reside and move freely within the Republic of Serbia. It is entitled to the provision of accommodation, food, clothing and footwear, adequate healthcare and the access to preschool, primary and secondary education, information and legal aid. Moreover, it has the right practice his or her religion freely.
Finally, the Commissariat proposes a voluntary return support program which is further adopted by the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

More information:

Regulation on the establishment of the Program for AVR for Foreigners 2019 - 2021